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We want to present in here all the direct collaborators with Alcor Portugal. At this moment, we are collaborating with two organizations.

Crionica.org: cryonics in Spain and in Spanish

Crionica.org is an organization active since 2005. The main objectives of Crionica.org have been researching, distributing information, and promoting cryonics to Spanish-speaking audiences, as well as providing practical assistance on cryonics arrangements in Spain and Latin and South America, both independently and, where appropriate and when possible, with Alcor and the Cryonics Institute.

Note that when we say "Latin and South America" or "Iberoamérica" we mean except Brazil and countries with Portuguese-speaking people.

Cryonics UK

Cryonics UK is a voluntary group with the purpose of advising and helping anyone who is signed up with any cryonics storage company. The group has a suspension team and the equipment required to carry out a suspension. Although it is not necessary to join Cryonics UK as part of signing up for cryopreservation, the group might provide a better chance for a successful suspension.

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