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There is very few information about cryonics in Portuguese. Here are some links with information about topics related to cryonics. The links take you to websites written in Portuguese.

In case you understand English you can visit the webpage links on the Alcor official website.

Here are some links to several associations and organizations related to cryonics:


Long Life magazine is a publication of the Cryonics Society. They recently added Alcor Portugal to their list of cryonics organizations. That list can be downloaded here. The same thing happened with the Cryonics Institute organization which added us to the cryonics support groups list.


Social Networks:

There is a link to the website "Alcor Portugal" on wikipedia in the entries criónica, nanotecnologia, nanomedicina, criobiologia, singularidade tecnológica, transumanismo, biologia molecular.

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