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Mortuaries and Hospitals


There is currently one mortuary that agreed to cooperate with Alcor Portugal. The mortuary doesn't have any specific knowledge but agreed to help in the process of stabilization and transport of Alcor members from Portugal to the Alcor facilities in Scottsdale, Arizona. We express here our thanks to the mortuary by its sympaty, willingness and vision of future.

Alcor in Portugal is currently dialoguing with Portuguese hospitals and continues its search for more mortuaries that wish to collaborate with us.


Hospitals' contacts in Portugal

Mortuaries' contacts in Portugal


The following page talks about the repatriation of mortal remains on the EU.


The Alcor Portugal created 2 files for the Mortuaries and Hospitals. The first one is a list of questions for the mortuaries. The second one is a letter for the Mortuaries and Hospitals informing about the first Iberic conference about cryonics that will take place in Madrid in the following months.

Note: The following documents are in Portuguese.

Alcor Portugal - Questions for Mortuaries

Letter for Mortuaries and Hospitals

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