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Team in Portugal


For more information please contact Alcor Portugal by email: alcorportugal@gmail.com


What does the team have?

The team has:

  • One certified Emergeny Medical Technician (EMT) (with knowledge in basic life support).

  • Two volunteers.

  • None of the three members has specific knowledge to perform stand-by, stabilization, and transport of Alcor members.

  • Alcor in Portugal doesn't have specific equipment or facilities.



How many Alcor members live currently in continental Portugal?

There are four Alcor members living permanently in Portugal. There are also two persons in the process of becoming Alcor members that live permanently in Portugal.

How did the number of Alcor members evolved in Portugal?

From April 2007 to April 2009 - there were two Alcor members living permanently in Portugal.

From April 2009 to Present - there were four Alcor members living in Portugal.

How many Alcor members live in Europe?

We do not have that information available.

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